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1 Week 11/20/2011
2 Weeks 11/27/2011
3 Weeks 12/04/2011
4 Weeks 12/11/2011
5 Weeks (no photos)
6 Weeks 12/25/2011
7 Weeks (no photos)
8 Weeks 01/08/2012
9 Weeks
10 Weeks
2011 Litter 8 Weeks
The Puppies at 8 Weeks Old

-We like cookies and our dad's family
-We are not sure about the Veternarian 
-The car ride to pet smart was ok
-We took off our coats while no one was looking 
-The people at pet smart think we are special
-We scared the cats at Pet Smart
-We like all the toys and animals at Pet Smart

The past 2 weeks have been busy ones.  The puppies are continuing to grow and develp their personalities.  While thinking about the needs of our  potential owners, the last 2 weeks, the puppies needs have entered into matching up the famlies with them.
Now becoming attentive to our prescence they have stepped beyond the world of just their mother. 
The puppies are eating well.  They are getting a combination of canned food and soaked dry puppy food 4 times a day.  Plenty of water in a small dish is always available to them.
At 7 weeks of age we introduced them to a dog biscuit and sharing was not one of their initial virtues.  Steeling from each other  and hiding in a crate or carrier came naturally at first.  Now realizing they each have a cookie they lay on the small rug or bed and knaw away.  This feels good against their baby teeth that are coming in.   They had their 2nd trip to the veterinarian for their first vaccine.   Bundled in their sweaters, which were off by the time we got there all puppies had a good check up and no adverse reaction to their shot.
Lucky, the Sire of this litter,  family came to visit bearing gifts and treats.  Long time friends we enjoyed the litter together.
We also started socializtion this weekend with another trip in the car and in their puppy stroller to visit Pet Smart.  They all did well enjoying all the attention and scenery a pet store can have!

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