2011 Litter 4 Weeks
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1 Week 11/20/2011
2 Weeks 11/27/2011
3 Weeks 12/04/2011
4 Weeks 12/11/2011
5 Weeks 12/18/2011
6 Weeks
7 Weeks
8 Weeks
9 Weeks
10 Weeks
The Puppies at 4 Weeks Old
Mobile and Gaining Independence
This week the puppies started eating and wearing puppy mash!
They are all actively playing and runnung around the whelping box.  They love toys and to nibble on each other.  Hence begins the learning of bitting hurts.  Now when we enter the room they all wake up and run to the front of the whelping box standing up on their hind legs to be petted and picked up.  We have begun lowering the temperature of the room and in the next day or so the puppies will be moved into our kitchen area.  All of the puppies love attention, being held, scratched, put on their backs and petted.  They were also good when they had their nails clipped again.
Puppy Fun
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Looking like a Tall Boy

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