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1 Week 11/20/2011
2 Weeks 11/27/2011
3 Weeks 12/04/2011
4 Weeks 12/11/2011
5 Weeks (no photos)
6 Weeks 12/25/2011
7 Weeks (no photos)
8 Weeks 01/08/2012
9 Weeks 01/15/2012
10 Weeks
2011 Litter 9 Weeks
The Puppies at 9 Weeks Old

-We are running free in the kitchen, out of our pen.
-We are wearing collars? with tags? 
-We like Precious the cat and Shadow the dog
-Gracie is still our favorite
-The people in our house taste funny when we put our mouths on them.
-We don't get who that dog is when we look in the glass doors at night...
-We would like to eat cookies all day
The puppies are awake more and more and sleeping less.  Generally they are up for about 3 hours of vigorous play.  They are eating 4 times a day and getting a cookie once a day.  Each morning all come running to the front of the pen to greet us.  Reaching in to give all a hug at once so no one is left out we start the day.
Placing all in a crate so we can clean the pen,  and start the day off fresh, they are very vocal.  Once back in the pen Brandy attends to them making sure they are clean and giving them their morning lesson on manners.  We have started to use a small amount of bitter apple spray on our hands, with a firm no,  so they know the difference between gnawing at their litter mates and us.
Time for breakfast.  They are fed both can and soaked dry food in a round circular bowl, starting their day together head to head.  A fresh shallow bowl of water is always available.  After that its time to potty, mostly on the pad, another quick clean up, one of many to come in the day, and they are off to play.  Pulling on toys and each other, going in and out of the crate, carrier and cat house they make quite a ruckus!  This week we closed off the kitchen and let the puppies take over.  We do this at least once a day.
This week we also placed collars with name tags on the puppies.  We had a variety of reactions from none to running around screaming. All are use to the collar ad tag now.  Next comes the harness and leash.
All puppies had their nails clipped and pads trimmed, a mini bath ( feet and legs), were brushed and blown dry with the blow dryer.   All did well.
This week Truman's family came to visit.  He is a Tall Male from Brandy's first litter.

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