2010 Litter

Check Back to See How Brandy is Doing

Today 6/17 is the 63rd day, which is Brandy's expected whelping date.

Believe it or not but from 2 weeks it has been possible to tell that Brandy is going to have pups.  Each day her body changes.  For the first four weeks she could not get enough to eat.  Now she is not eating as well "morning  sickness"  so we are disguising her dog food in ham, preparing chop meat and chicken and rice.  She is drinking well.  She is tired, but still jumps up to greet people at the door and is happy when we call her name and take her for a short walk.  Her first ultrasound at 3 weeks confirmed she was going to have pups.  We had this done at a near by animal hospital to establish Brandy as a patient should we have an emergency.   Next we are taking her to our regular veterinarian on Wednesday 5/26/2010.


The veterinarian thought it would be best to wait  and do an x-ray to determine the number of pups for delivery and also to evaluate their development.  Our appointent is set for 6/7/2010.  Brandy is doing well.  She is very large and hungry.  We are feeding her 3 smaller meals and a snack at bedtime.  She is resting well, happy and comfortable.

Brandy 7 weeks into her Pregnancy 
She is eating well, still barks at the door, likes to take a short walk and lay on the floor where it is very cool.
June 3, 2010
June 2, 2010
The 9th Week
Brandy has begun her nesting and until the whelping rugs arrive  we have placed one of our dogs beds in the whelping box.  All our supples are ready and we did a test run getting the room, puppy holding box, and whelping box to temperature.  Chip spends alot of time with Brandy in the Whelping box and we have officially named him her "Birthing Coach".
6/15 2 Days Left Until the 63rd Day

Brandy is doing well.  She is eating well, resting more and very attached not wanting to leave my side.  I am staying home for the most part and when I go out she is coming with me riding comfortably in her crate with ample bedding!
We are all set for the puppies and have done several trials getting the room to temperature for their arrival.
As of today, 6/13/2010 her temperature has not dropped signaling the onset of the puppies arrival within 24 hours.
Trying to get a photo of her but each time we try she gets up and moves.

Whelping Box with heat lamp, heating pad and probe to read and control temperature of box enviroment.
Suction bulb, scissors, clamp, Iodine pads, thread, lubricant, and plenty of towels.
Scale to weigh puppies initially and twice daily
Temperature Controled holding box for puppies to regulate their temperature before feeding and hold during the birth of other puppies
Finally caught her on camera!
Brandy's X-Ray at 53 Days
The Vet can see 2 puppies