Gracie Growing Up
Day 1
Born 10:14 AM
7.9 oz
Day 3
9.0 oz
2 Weeks
1 lb 1.7 oz
Ramsey's eyes are open and he is barking!!!!
Gracies eyes should be fully open tomorrow and she is delicately barking!  They are making their way around the whelping box on their bellies.  Eating well and responding to our touches, cuddling and gicving a lick now and then.  They are doing great and oh so wonderful.

3 Weeks
1lb 13.2oz
4 Weeks
2lb 1.1 oz

Puppies have been started on mash and liquid supplement in addition to nursing.  They are playing with each other and walking all over the whelping box.  They are also starting to play with their toys using their mouths and paws.  When we walk in the room they pop up their heads and walk toward you.  They are giving kisses and cuddling.  Gracie is quite and sweet with a soft bark.  She also talks by making gutteral sounds when she is playing or when we pick Ramsey up!
1 Week
11.4 oz

Both Puppies are doing well.  Each day they are more active and responsive to being rubbed!  They are so sweet and have begun wagging their tails and crawl on their bellies all over the whelping box.  Brandy is a great mom tending to them day and night

Almost 5 Weeks
2lb 6..6 oz
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6 Weeks
3 lbs.
8 Weeks
3 lbs. 15 oz
Gracie is sweet and loving and holds her own with Ramsey!!!  
She comes, sits, gives paw and does down on command.  Hard to beleive.  She learned to go up and down 3 small steps outside today.  She can be shy and cautious at times, but is always happy to meet and greet new people.  She is eating well, loves puppy bones and uses the training pads. 

7  Week 
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