2010 Puppy Fun

Waiting for the Puppies
Day 1 
Brother and Sister 

5 Weeks 
At 5 weeks we have  moved the puppies into our main living area.  We have set up a living area for the puppies in our kitchen where they will begin experiencing every day life.  Last week we started them on mash and puppy formula while still nursing.  They are eating and driniing very well on their own.  We have a variety of textured toys for them to play with, have put down puppy pads for them to begin training and placed harnesses on them to get use to.   Actually they did not even realize they had them on.  They had a ball today having room to run about and play.  Next Monday they will visit our vet for  a check up, their first set of shots and to begin deworming.  Here they are in their new enviroment!  Our next step will be to begin socializing them.
Chip Watching the Puppies
Ramsey and Gracie Playing
Do I have to go on these?
6 Weeks 

The puppies are using the puppy pads 90% of the time!   They are sleeping until about 5:30 -6:00 am and enjoying their mash.  We are feeding them "California Natural"  Puppy Food and Biscuits.  They love their toys and are learning the meaning of biting as they play with each other.  They have had their nails clipped each week and are also brushed.  They are exposed to the everyday noises of the household and also a thunder storm.  In the morning they are so happy to see us delivering lots of kisses to us.  On Monday they will be going to the vet for thier first set of shots and to begin deworming.
7 Weeks 
This week we took the puppies out to begin socializing.  We went to Ricks Saddle Shop where Gracie and Ramsey met lots of people and were surround buy many new things.  Gracie was a little taken back by all the new things she saw and cuddled into Alexis's arms at first, then slowly as we made our rounds she loosened up.  This Saturday we had our family picnic where puppies were surrounded by adults and lots of children, getting tons of hugs and kisses.  By then end of the picinic the puppies were relaxed and walking around enjoying all the activites!
Total Trust